My Story

My Story

Lose 10lbs. easily with Kristin W Wellness

Hey there, I’m Kristin!

I wasted over 30 years of my life on one diet or another.

I’ve tried all the shakes, pills and potions that promised weight loss.

Never seeing lasting success.

It was a health scare in 2019 that was my wake up call.

I realized that my weight goals could no longer be my #1 needed to be my priority.

That's when coaching came into my life and everything, and I mean everything, changed!

If I‘d only known about a health and life coaching earlier, this journey could have been so much easier.

All the years, I thought I needed fixed...I found out I wasn’t broken.

And neither are you! I needed someone who could help me rewire programming. Programming that was good when I was eight, but not so good as an adult.

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I was overly critical of my body. I felt like the perfect figure would make me happy, but somehow it never did. No matter what I weighed, I didn’t want to see myself. And because of that, my boys missed out on having picture proof that I was their mom. That’s not a mistake I want to make with my grandchildren, so bring on the cameras.

After I became a Balanced Body Guide, I realized all the “good, the bad and the ugly” of my life and career were the exact tools I needed to start my own practice. Who would have guessed? God had a plan that was weaving together my failures, my skills and my passions for my purpose of helping people curb their cravings and stop chronic dieting.

You might be thinking, fine, can that actually work for me?

Can I actually curb my cravings long enough to improve my health?

Have you ever been here: you’re doing so good on your latest diet, but a bad day at work and a trying evening with the family makes the wheels fall off the bus? You give in to a binge on sweets and wine. By the end of the evening you have screwed up so badly, you say ‘f’ it and go back to what you do best. Giving in to your cravings.

Or how about, do you know what it feels like to really be heard? To have someone totally listen to you and “totally get you.” Oh man, it's the bomb! Meet me, your new supportive mentor who guides you on your path of connecting with your most intuitive self. You see, your body already knows how to find your perfect weight. But you didn't get the manual, and, in fact, have been conditioned to work against your body. Once we change that, you can get on with living your best life without worrying about weight.

Or have you jumped on a new diet and had quick success, thought you had cracked the code, but a few short months later you have gained the weight back, plus some? NO MORE GIMMICKS!

Working together, we get to explore what triggers those habit loops you’ve built and change them for good. When implemented correctly, you can start handling bad days and setbacks without letting the cravings creep back in and sabotage your wellness goals.

In life, we cannot always control the first arrow.

However, the second arrow is our reaction to the first.

And with this second arrow comes the possibility of choice. -Budda

It's time to shake up your story....

Finally! A better way to achieve your health goals.

Free today...your "Body Bliss Blueprint"!

Today, as a Balanced Body Guide, when I work with people, they share their stories of struggling that sound exactly like mine.

They're looking for the same things I was searching for and I’m able to share with them a path forward.

What they learn is how to ditch those 20 pounds they haven’t been able to get rid of for a long time. I give them specific proven tools to make sure those pounds don't come back.

We work together to rewire their cravings and eating habits to cure mindless eating.

They’re able to lose the attraction to secret formulas and magic pills that don't work. And they begin to enjoy life without the 'diet mindset'.

Plus, they learn how to get out of old habit loops so they naturally and easily make their best choices.

One of the biggest benefits people gain is to drop self-judgment chatter. At this point, they realize that heavy thoughts make you heavy.

Exercise is no longer a burden as they get connected to movement that feeds their soul.

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