Are you ready to feel GOOD? (for real)

Taking control of your health and well-being is easier than you think.

You were designed to be in balance and harmony and you CAN win this game called life. I'm ready to help YOU.

You've dabbled with every diet and weight-loss supplement that's been advertised to you...

Signed up for countless workouts promising to melt fat, barely making it through the first week...

Only to still have your waistband cutting you in half each day.

And to make matters worse, you just PAID a doctor to tell you your results are higher than optimal, your weight is not helping your health.

DUH! You know weight is a thing, but it's a thing you haven't been able to figure out in the pockets of time that are left for you after being a high-achieving wife, mom, and employee (just to name a few of your jobs).

That's WHY I'm giving you the owner's manual of YOU!

You don't have to punish yourself to improve your health.

It doesn't take a secret code that only a few have.

Your body will tell you what to do...I'm going to show you how to listen.

It's as simple as getting curious, knowing what you want,

and taking consistent action.

Then, habit change happens, and you start to recognize

the signs that adjustments are needed.

That's it.

You're ready for a lifestyle change!


...Done with "diets". You're ready to focus on overall health and feeling good. It's not that the scale doesn't matter, but feeling good about yourself and your future is what your soul is crying out for.

...Lacking the "joy of life" feeling, even though you have everything that "SHOULD" make you happy. You've checked off so many boxes of life and it's OK to regroup and take care of you, so you can keep checking off boxes!

...Tired of irrational approaches like fake foods or relying on a pill to drive down the number on the scale. After trying 102 ways that haven't worked, it's time for a new strategy. You're ready to work with your body, how it was created to work and know what's best for YOUR body.

...Aware that current choices are setting you up for health challenges that you've seen family members struggle with. You're ready to stop lying to yourself about "doing the best that you can", and make new choices that feel good to be consistent with.

...No longer willing to use food as an escape or rebellion from the curve balls life throws at you. You're smart, capable, and on-point in your career and ready to bring those skills into the choices that affect your health.

You want specific steps to transform your habits, beliefs, and mindsets.

So everything comes together to create the best version of you.


Focus on transformation - not just information.

I walk you through every single step inside the

Balanced Body Breakthrough.

I'll tell you everything you need to know, and everything you don't need to do...

So that you don't feel a need to search for the next solution.

Simple isn't...counting calories, eliminating food groups, or punishing workouts.

Get ready to:


Connect the dots

between who you are

and who you want to be.


Decipher your body's

natural signals and needs.


Create your personal

blueprint for optimal

health and happiness.


Set your personal goals and

work towards

sustainable change.

Learn the skills that let you look foward to the next 40 years.

This is not a DIET!

It's not a workout plan!

You've started and quit those countless times.

You can breathe a sigh of relief.

The Balanced Body Breakthrough is how you'll...


...make simple tweaks that fit your life

...change your pattern of quitting on yourself

...craft a game plan for life that you want to continue with

...and LET weight loss be a happy side effect.

You're sick of YO-YO DIETING!

I've been there myself, looking for the next diet of the month.

Knowing that if I could just reach my desired weight, I'd be happy...Life would be perfect...And I'd be free of health issues, aka.healthy.

But sadly, none of that is true.

Losing weight does not guarantee happiness or health.

You deserve a program that focuses on your health.

The whole gamut of your health.

Not just the numbers on the scale,

but your inner and outer health combined.

Let's craft your best plan so that you have success in a way that you want to live.

No more yo-yo results, you're after lasting results!

My promise to you:

As your guide, I will stretch you,

...not just to learn...

...but to DO the action.

You can have accountability for doing, so that you make the

information impactful in the NOW of each day.

Inside the Balanced Body Breakthrough you'll:

  • Learn simple actions that are easy to stick to, NOT extreme.
  • Find the surprising truth about cravings and be able to stop drowning your frustrations in a box of cookies.
  • Gain strategies to shut down the devil on your shoulder that tells you to overeat.
  • NOT have to eat foods you hate!
  • Listen to what your body wants to eat, when to eat, and shut down the blood-sugar roller coaster that leaves you grouchy and craving junk.
  • Know how to keep your blood-sugar balanced so you have consistent energy and you can make healthy dinner choices.
  • Connect to effortless, all day energy that allows you to do more than maintain your ideal weight, you'll be performing at your max capacity.
  • Start living a life you're proud of instead of hiding the results of your bad habits under baggy clothes.

Lifetime Access with EASY actions dripped out over 12 weeks for...


Are you ready for an alternative to weight loss, without apps and bots?

Balanced Body Breakthrough framework...

I think of this 5 pillar SYSTEM as a table.

The legs are:.


Pillar ONE: FOOD PLAN - Developing a nutrition plan that you'll follow. It must address food, timing and mindset.


Pillar TWO: MOVEMENT PLAN - Developing a reliable plan to generate body movement each day.


Pillar THREE: STRESS & SLEEP - Reduce cortisol by improving sleep and having an active process for stress relief.


Pillar FOUR: INSULIN RESISTANCE - When to eat deserves as much attention as what to eat.


and last but not least...

The table top covers Pillars One-Four, but is also an area of its own to improve:


Pillar FIVE: MINDSET - You have to get your head straight before you can get anything else straight.

The "drip" content delivery system is designed

with your success in mind.

Goodbye overwhelm by focusing on one action per week.

See improvement by mastering the implementation.

Build healthy habits slowly and steadily for RESULTS.

MAGIC comes from the Power of ONE!

Your BREAKTHROUGH is waiting for you!

Your Day ONE can be today....

But there's more...

You don't have to go it alone:

Introducing Consistency Coaching

I'll can be your guide over

the next 12 weeks.

When you engage, communicate,

and take action, your life will be

remarkably different.

Together we'll:

  • Clarify what's important to you. It's not the superficial stuff that motivates you, it's the desire for what really matters.
  • You'll stay focused, keeping your goals top of mind, even in a busy life.
  • Amplify the momentum of actions through ownership and consistency.
  • With honest and constructive feedback I'll guide you to identify and overcome obstacles, that you alone are too close to the issue to see.
  • We'll celebrate your victories, no matter how big or small, keeping you motivated.
  • 60 virtual Consistency Coaching Sessions over 90 days
  • The initial session is 30 minutes
  • Each session thereafter is 15 minutes or less - we get down to business!
  • PLUS...Unlimited Voxer support

Wondering if Consistency Coaching works?

Check out these stats...

  • Hear something and 'say' it's a good idea...10% chance of success
  • Commit with an 'I'll do it'...25% chance of success
  • Commit that you'll do it, plus say when...40% chance of success
  • Make a specific plan for doing it...50% chance of success
  • Commit to someone sharing the plan...60% chance of success
  • Set a specific time to share your progress with someone...

95% chance of success!!!

The Ultimate Combo...

the Balanced Body Breakthrough

and Consistency Coaching


Lifetime access to the Body Reset Program (No extra charge)

all for $1500.00

(paid in full)

Your ULTIMATE BREAKTHROUGH is waiting for you!

I believe that “how you do one thing is how you do everything.” For example, in my life, when I was overwhelmed with a crazy schedule, I was also overwhelmed with crazy cravings. One area in your life always impacts another area in your life.

You think your cravings are only affecting your waistline.

What if your approach to food is showing up in every area of your life?

When you cure your cravings, the positive impact ripples throughout your life.


​I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means we'll look at how all areas of your life are connected.

But looking at them isn’t enough.

We’ll examine and align your inner desires with your outer actions.

Consider me your "Go-To" accountability partner, friend, & support system on this journey. Together, you'll reach your health and weight goals without missing out on the fun parts of life.​

Hey there, I’m Kristin!

It was after a medication reaction that I had "a come to Jesus". I had spent over 30 years of my life on one diet or another. I’d tried all the shakes, pills and potions that promised weight loss. With ​NO lasting success. I was overly critical of my body and felt like the perfect figure would make me happy, but somehow it never did. It was when I realized prescription medication was not an option for me that I knew I had to be healthier.

My focus needed to change from weight loss to being my healthiest. My new goal was to be healthy and the kind of person that liked the person in the mirror, regardless of what the scale said. It's these pieces that I share in my signature system, Balanced Body Breakthrough, that made a difference in my life.

I would love for you to one day look back...and say that being a part of this program helped you find what works for your life for you to be in your best health. I'm ready to share what I've learned with you, so you can be your healthiest self and have weight loss as a happy side effect.

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