I started my practice to help other women who were fed up with chronic dieting, always trying to curb the cravings.

Hey there, I’m Kristin.

I wasted over 30 years of my life on one diet or another. 

I’ve tried all the shakes, pills and potions that promised weight loss. 

No success.

A few of them have since been found to be detrimental to health, not beneficial.

If I‘d only known about a health and life coach, this journey could have been so much easier.


You see I wasn’t broken.

And neither are you!  I needed someone who could help me rewire programming.  Programming that was good when I was eight, but not so good as an adult.

I was overly critical of my body.  I felt like the perfect figure would make me happy, but somehow it never did.  No matter what I weighed, I didn’t want to see myself.  And because of that, my boys missed out on having picture proof that I was their mom.  That’s not a mistake I want to make with my granddaughter, so bring on the cameras.

After I became a health and life coach, I realized all the “good, the bad and the ugly” of my life and career were the exact tools I needed to start my own practice.  Who would have guessed, God had a plan that was weaving together my failures, my skills and my passions for my purpose of helping people curb their cravings and stop chronic dieting.

You might be thinking, fine, can that actually work for me? 

Can I actually curb my cravings?

​Have you ever been here: you’re doing so good on your latest diet, but a bad day at work and a trying evening with the family makes the wheels fall off the bus?  You give in to a binge on sweets and wine. By the end of the evening you have screwed up so bad you say ‘f’ it and go back to what you do best.  Giving in to your cravings.   Working together, we get to explore what triggers those habit loops you’ve built and change them for good.  When implemented correctly, you can start handling bad days and setbacks without letting the cravings creep back in and sabotage your wellness goals.

Or how about, do you know what it feels like to really be heard?  To have someone totally listen to you and “totally get you.” Oh man, it's the bomb!  Meet me, your new “curb your cravings partner”.  I will be a supportive mentor who guides you on your path of connecting with your most intuitive self.   You’ll see it’s not about what you eat but who you are when you eat.  I’m thrilled to help you feel confident and at home in your own skin.  Get ready, we’re going to tap into your superwoman powers and kick your cravings to the curb.

Or have you jumped on a new diet and had quick success, thought you had cracked the code, but a few short months later you have gained the weight back, plus some?  


A philosophy that sets me apart from other health and life coaches is how we will use the concept of primary and secondary food in our work together. 


Primary food is what nourishes our being: relationships, career, exercise and spirituality.  


Secondary food is the actual food we eat.  


If primary food doesn’t show up in a sustainable way, no amount of food will satisfy you.  No diet will fix you.  The secondary food you eat is vital for giving your cells efficient fuel, but in and of itself can’t fix an unhappy life.  All forms of nourishment are necessary and work together for our well-being.  


And the best news, deprivation isn’t part of the plan.

I am grateful for the opportunity to meet you.  I look forward to supporting you on your journey of loving the authentic you, just as you are, and becoming who you want to be.  If you have more questions or you’re ready to start, book your free Cut the Cord to Cravings Session now, and let’s get started.

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