Are you a DIY kind of girl?

I get it!  You think you should be able to lose the weight on your own.  

Go for it.  Give it another try. 

This 90-Day All-in-one Tracker is like having a coach without the investment in a coach.

Ink is powerful!  If you are honest, this tracker will be brutally honest in return.  

By tracking what you eat you'll:

  • See what you are doing.

  • When you're doing it.

  • What else is going on when you do it.

When you can easily compare each day, you will spot the "stuff" that is getting in the way of your efforts to be healthy.

Studies show that tracking and planning your meals for just a week yields better results.

If you are tired of falling off the wagon when it comes to eating right and being fit this 90-Day All-in-one tracker is the key.

With this tracker your days will be filled with more than just trying to follow a new diet or trend.  You'll experience more fun with eating and less struggles with cravings.

With this all-in-one tracker, you'll have at your fingertips:

  • Your daily schedule, to record what you eat

  • Your calendar, to see the big picture

  • Your goals, to keep you on track

  • Your daily motivation, to inspire you

  • Your daily gratitude, to re-enforce your mindset

By keeping it simple and all in one place you can keep track of the most essential aspects of living healthy day to day.

You're more than a project!

Have you started one of those popular food tracker apps and then stopped using it?

That's because when we write things down our brain remembers them.  


This 90-Day All-in-one tracker is creating a record of what works for YOU.  The notes you are making will open your eyes to your habits.  The good and the bad habits.  And once you connect the dots, you can change your life forever. 

With awareness, you can be more committed to your objectives and achieve your goals.


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Keep. It. Super. Simple.

WARNING: At the end of the 90 days you may have a new mindset that is open to seeing how far you can go with your health journey.   One-on-one coaching is available if you hit a wall and feel stuck in a habit that you realize no longer serves you.  But, you may find that you're ready to invest in a transformation program for you to keep your momentum going. 


You can have your own

 90-Day All-in-one Tracker.

 Your pocket version of a health and life coach, for:


This 90-Day All-in-one tracker is an effective tool that doesn't over complicate with points, calories, grams and other measurements.

I get it, you're busy.  And spending time on yourself seems like a luxury.  But self-care is a necessity and is the best gift you could give yourself and your loved ones.  

In this tracker you are going to find:

  • coaching prompts to explore your emotions and mindset

  • Kristin's K.I.S.S. cheering you on each day

  • momentum that makes you a force to be reckoned with